I can’t go to the shop to return the gear. What should I do?
Please contact the shop you rented the gear.
Can I pay when I return gear?
We only accept the payment in advance.
We charge you when you rent gear. Please prepare cash or credit card.
What the difference between “High Performance” and “Standard”?
Simply categorize, "Standard ski/snowboard" is for beginners and intermediates,
"High performance ski/snowboard" is for advanced skiers/snowboarders
who select boards depending weather and the quality of snow.
Can I make a reservation by specifying a Ski&Snowboard?
We regret to inform you that we are not accepting reservations by specifying equipment.
Customers who come to our shop are prior.
I have lost the tool which I rented. What should I do?
Please come to our shop and you have to pay the compensation.
Where do I return the Skis/Snowboard?
We would like you to return basically at the shop which you rented.
However, it is possible to return at the nearest Spicy where you are.
What size of Boots/Jacket and pants do you have?
Please make sure the sizes we have below.

Ski boots 16 cm - 34cm
Snowboard boots 18 cm - 32cm
Jacket & pants 80cm - 7L
What time do I have to return gear?

Please return gear during our open time.
Echoland / Happo / Wadano / Happo Gondola / Iwatake / Tsugaike ~ until 5 pm

Can I change the boots size after the rental?
Yes. You will be able to change the boots size and the equipment size anytime.
What is your insurance policy on all equipment?
We have an optional insurance policy of 500 yen/person a day
which covers you for damage to your equipment to worth 30,000 yen.
Any damage beyond this amount will incur further charges.
Equipment that is used negligently (eg Riding on roads) will not be covered via insurance.